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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Scribblings #77 #poetry - Grimm's Fairy Tales, Part I

Grimm's Fairy Tales

I was excited to receive this book from my youngest sister as a birthday gift! So, thank you, sister!! I never had my own copy of The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales before, but now I do! Growing up, I had always loved fairy tales, legends, folklore stories, fables, and the like. They are always so fascinating culturally speaking. It makes me think about how old these stories are and how they evolve over generations and centuries in their respective cultures... Anyway, I've read a few since last night and wrote a few haiku/senryu inspired by these fairy tales. Hope you like them!

"The Hare's Bride"

forest wedding--
offering the groom
her straw-stitched heart

"The Two Travelers"

at the gallows . . .
when dewdrops become
my breath

"The Four Skillful Brothers"

along this path
to find my heart . . .
pine breeze

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